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I got a task about Xero integration in my work last week, aiming to copy invoices from one account to the other. To perform this task, the workflow will be:

    1. Invoice created/updated in Xero account A
    1. The webhook from Xero account A is triggered
    1. Our App handles the webhook and copy the newly created/updated invoice to Xero account B

This article will show you how to setup Xero and talk about some tricky parts of the task.

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Cypress: UI Test For Your React/Webpack Project

UI Test has been a problem for every web front end project once it grows and becomes rather complicated while the common unit tests fail to cover complex workflow and business logic.

UI Test in this artile, I would say it’s more like integration test, but I would not put it as E2E test, since I have no intention to test the real backend. So the things that I am going to talk about in this article, are “login and redirect to the home page”, “sign up and redirect to the home page”, “create a query in the dashboard and see if the result is correctly rendered” and all sort of stuff that a unit test is unable to cover.

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